Talent Search


We’re passionate about connecting exceptional candidates with exceptional companies. That’s why we take extra steps to get it right. Our extensive work in technical, professional, and leadership roles has given us a deep understanding of what both companies and prospective candidates need. Our unique insider knowledge is the foundation of the Gray Space talent acquisition process, where we do things a little differently.

We Get to the Heart of Things

From the start, we dive deep and get to the heart of what your business REALLY needs. By digging into your company’s culture, leadership style, and team dynamics, we’re better able to find the right candidates to fit your business.

We Prioritize Quality Over Speed

We focus on quality over speed, so your inbox will only contain fully qualified candidates who are the right match for your company’s needs. We save you time by sending a comprehensive summary for each candidate explaining exactly how they fit your critical requirements.

We Rely on Continued Communication

Detailed and timely feedback is key to a successful talent search. If you cease to communicate with us for any reason, we will politely contact you about the delay and wait to hear back from you before pausing the project.

We’ll Work Until We Get It Right

Our goal is to send you only standout candidates we know you’ll want to talk to. If we fall short for any reason, we will meet with you again, re-evaluate and re-prioritize to ensure that future candidates are a better fit.

We Make Interviews More Productive

Our ability to help you establish a solid interview team and process is a big part of what sets us apart from other firms. We will help you identify meaningful interview questions and leverage the process to find the best candidate for your team.

We Ensure a Successful Start

A lot of work goes in to hiring a new employee. By having a plan in place to get them off to a great start, you’ll create a transition where everyone thrives. We offer basic onboarding tools with tips to create a smooth transition. For a more robust solution, check out our talent solutions offerings.

Talent Acquisition Process