Talent Selection


Conducting meaningful interviews that help you feel confident about your hiring decisions is challenging to say the least. Many times, interviewers rely on their gut feelings or emotions to make crucial decisions, which leaves them wondering if they chose the right candidate. We know from experience that a good hiring process can take years to perfect, so we designed our Talent Selection Process to remove the guesswork so you find the right talent every time.  

Interview Training

Do you have confidence in your ability to make the right hiring decisions?

Whether you have years of interviewing experience under your belt or you’re new to the game, our training solutions ensure an effective interview process. Choose from a Basic (4 hour) or Comprehensive (1 1/2 day) course where you’ll learn key behavioral interviewing concepts, discover how to determine job competencies, and gain an understanding of important legal considerations.

Customized Interview Guides

Struggling to know who to involve and which interview questions to ask?

This is our forte. Let us help you create a streamlined interview strategy that guides you through the process of selecting an effective interview team and identifying the best questions to ask. Our structure will help you maximize the information you gather from candidates, create a positive interview experience, and make more confident hiring decisions.

By-The-Hour Assistance

Got your talent search covered?  No problem, we can still help.

Every client is different, and we’re committed to creating personalized solutions that are right for your interview process. Need backup? We can participate as members of your interview team, create questions for individual interviewers, and act as facilitators for gathering post-interview feedback. We can even communicate with candidates and negotiate job offers on your behalf. Let us know what you need and we’ll find a solution.